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i want an -iPhone-!


Welcome to 98 Pound Geekling! And thanks to my brilliant wife for the title!

“I want an iPhone” is a good way to start out a technology blog, since everybody is saying it. But I won’t just be covering Apple’s iPhone. Also look for tips, links, and news about all kinds of gizmos, gadgets, computers and tech toys. I’ve been a Mac user since 1990, so you can assume that I’m committed (or should be), though I know enough about Windows to give a fair share of advice to the poor masses who have sold their soul to the devil in Redmond.

I’ll be posting a few times a week, depending on what’s happening in the technology world. Things stay fairly interesting, so 3-4 posts a week should be pie. I’m open to any forwarded stories, links, and noteworthy tidbits if you have them! So send them to me by putting them in a comment on my author page.

Welcome, those of you coming over from MudshotEyes.com, my other blog on Christian spirituality. And no, I’m not bald anymore… that was about 6 years ago. 🙂

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