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Should You Wait to Buy a Mac?

Mac OS X Leopard

With the upcoming release of Mac OS X Leopard, it may be hard to decide whether or not to buy a Mac now or wait until the new OS is released and comes installed.

Here’s the thing with a Mac OS release: Unlike its Windows counterpart, when a major new OS comes out on the Mac, it isn’t there to fix a lot that was wrong with the previous version. The current Mac OS, Tiger, is a great environment to run all your apps. It’s not broken, and if you buy a Mac now with Tiger installed, you don’t have to worry about having an “outdated” version of the OS. Trust me, it will feel new. Tiger is quick, sleek, and responsive.

Thinking of putting a Mac on a credit card? Now THERE’S a reason to wait. Save up and pay cash, dangit!

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