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Technology: Good to the Last Drop


A coffee maker that adapts and learns according to our coffee drinking patterns and adapts? Now there is an example of technology being put to good use! Check it out: http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2007/4/emw521141.htm. Here’s an excerpt:

What will it be like to use such a machine? “For the first several weeks, the machine learns the drinking patterns of its users. Then it adapts. Every Sunday afternoon, it’s French vanilla cappuccino time. Each weekday morning, it starts brewing a triple espresso at 7:00 am. After dinner, it does up a creamy decaf café au lait.” How does it know where you are or at exactly which moment you’ll be ready for your drink? Pappas is tight-lipped about this aspect, the crux of his invention, but he hints at GPS tracking…

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