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A Big Day for iPods

iPod Nano

I’m late to the party on this so I’ll just sum up today’s announcements from Apple and pick my favorite:

  • The 4GB iPhone has been dumped and Apple will now charge $399 for the 8GB, a $200 price drop.
    • This is their way of saying, “Yes, we realize $599 was highway robbery. Admit it though… You liked it.”
  • The new iPod Touch.
    • It uses the technology of the iPhone, without the phone. Wi-fi enabled, but a little short on space if I’m going to replace my iPod with it. Either 8GB or 16 GB. Speaking of the iPod…
  • The standard iPod is now called iPod Classic.
    • Up to 160 GB of space. You could crawl inside and take a nap if you want.
  • The iPod Nano is now movie-ready in 4GB or 8GB versions (with new colors and a new shape).
    • It went from tall and skinny to short and… well, it is still skinny. It is probably a tad small for movie watching for some people, but you can still hold it up to your face and watch an episode of 24.
  • Apple will now begin offering ringtones for the iPhone for .99 cents apiece.
    • “Uhh… Hello?” “Yes, this Apple. Congratulations! You are now eligible to pay us .99 cents for ringtones using songs you’ve already paid for!” I’ll pass.

Of all the announcements, the new iPod Nano is my favorite. There is a good review of it at Gizmodo, and early indications are that this is a great piece of hardware for those who want a small and affordable music/movie player (along with a few games).

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