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Apple’s Future is Bright (Thanks to Windows?)

If speculation at The Register is right, and Apple is preparing Leopard to be capable of running Windows applications without having to boot the Windows OS, the Microsoft bunch should take notice.

I don’t understand all the techie talk about PE files and DLLs, but if I’m reading this right, then we could be on the verge of another major shift personal computing. There is no question that Apple makes the finest hardware available, and the only thing holding some people back is the need to run certain Windows programs. If these could run natively inside OS X, the doors are blown open for Apple to take huge chunk of the market share over the next 5-10 years.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any Windows apps that I’m desperate to run right now, but if the option was there, I’m sure some would cross my path that I would love to use. Despite the fact that the Windows OS is a royal pain, I am aware there are some great apps on the platform.

Even if this speculation turns out to be just that, the ability to run Windows apps in OS X has gone from clunky (with Virtual PC) to smooth (with Parallels). And hidden in Apple’s incredible 3Q financial report are a lot of people who have bought a Mac, knowing that their Windows experience has not been thrown completely out the window (excuse the pun). These are people who, within six months, will probably be wondering why they held so tightly to their Windows programs. This is a glowing good sign for Apple’s future, and it explains why Apple’s stock is up 40% since September 1.

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