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MacWorld Expo Predictions

I’m not sure Steve Jobs will have enough time in the 90 minute keynote address on Tuesday morning at the Macworld Expo. If the rumors are half right, there will be a lot to talk about. Here are my predictions, just for kicks:

Sub-notebook – I’m expecting a new product that will fit somewhere between the iPhone and the MacBook. It will have a 10-12 inch screen, with a black finish. Apparently people want these. I’m quite happy with my 15 inch PowerBook. Then again, if I see one close up I may change my mind!

Cinema Displays – There is a lot of chatter about new displays having LED backlighting. I think that’s a good prediction, along with a design change which will sport a glossy screen (as an option?).

Apple TV 2.0– I expect to see DVR, along with the ability to manage movie rentals from iTunes, (another huge announcement).

Now, my least likely but most wanted announcement:

2nd Gen iPhone – I’m predicting this one because I want it to happen so badly. I have an envelope to save up enough money for the 2nd generation iPhone, so I’m hoping this is announced on Tuesday, with a release in February. Look for it to be 3G network-capable, having at least 16 GB of space, and various improvements to the OS. Fingers crossed…

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