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Filemaker Friendly New Database, Bento

Filemaker's New Personal Database Application

Filemaker has released Bento, a new database program for the mac which looks to be a dream come true for dataheads who love to organize information and catalog items. It runs exclusively on Leopard.

According to the press release, Bento uses an iTunes-like interface, making it easy to navigate between projects, libraries, lists, and contacts. Filemaker claims that Bento equips users to “accomplish any of the following in minutes:”

— Manage virtually unlimited contact details
— Coordinate events, parties, and fundraisers
— Track projects, assignments and deadlines
— Connect related information together to see more details
— Prioritize things that need to get done
— Catalog inventory, donations and items for sale
— Record hours worked and payments due
— Assign ratings to service providers and sellers
— Create libraries for music, movies and media
— Store files and photos related to projects and events

It sells for $49, individually priced, and a family pack is $99. Sounds like a great deal for a powerful database program that would cover every possible need for personal cataloging. Leave a comment if you’ve downloaded and tried out the demo. I’m going to give it a whirl over the next week.

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