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iPhone Price Drop Coming by May?

It’s from a few of days ago, but I ran across this article at ZDNet explains that Apple is at a point with the iPhone where they must drop the price of the current model in order to draw in a wider range of users. I would add that we can probably also expect to see a 16 GB model at the current price of $399 sometime before May (Steve’s not taking my calls, but I’ve been trying to talk him into a March date).


Here’s why I predict iPhone will come down to $299 within a few months by ZDNet‘s Russell Shaw — With his customary deftness, my CNET colleague Tom Krazit mashes up some numbers from AT&T’s earnings call this week with other numbers from Apple iPhone sales and projected sales reports. Tom’s conclusion: iPhone sales are slowing, especially in AT&T’s sales channels. OK, let us take that as fact. Where does this lead us? First it would be […]

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