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Leopard Update Straightens Stacks

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a 10.5.2 update awaiting you in Software Update. It has the usual under the hood tweaks to the operating system, but it also makes a significant change to the way the Stacks feature works in the dock.

This feature allows users to click on folders in the Dock and see the icons of its contents either fan out across the desktop or show up on a grid. I was one of those who wasn’t thrilled with the feature because of the number of items I have in those folders; most of the time I ended up opening up the folder instead of using Stacks. Also, the look of the icon in the dock was a little sloppy. It appeared as a pile of icons with only the topmost icon showing. I prefer a more consistent look, where it simply shows the icon for the stack folder.

Both of these issues have been addressed. Now we can control click on a Stack to reveal new options, such as making the Dock icon appear as a folder and setting the folder’s contents to appear as a list, which is better for folders with a lot of items. I’ve set each of my stacks to do something different, based on how I like to access that folder and based on how many items are there (for example, I have my Applications stack expand as a traditional menu, because I have so many of them).

And who says Apple doesn’t listen to their users! See the complete list of changes included in the 10.5.2 update here (including the ability to turn off translucency in the menu bar!).

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