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MultiTouch Trackpad Added to MacBook Pro

The MacBook and MacBook Pro line was updated on Tuesday, providing more momentum to a strong line of Apple products.

The new Penryn chips are now providing the processing power, but I was most excited about the addition of the MultiTouch trackpad which was added to the MacBook Pro. The MultiTouch was first introduced in Apple’s MacBook Air laptop. It allows the user to pinch, swipe, or rotate to enlarge text, advance through photos, or adjust an image.

I think we are going to soon begin to see a number of significant changes to input technology. It is only a matter of time before our MacBook screens are touch-sensitive, similar to the way the iPhone interface responds to direct contact to the screen.

The trackpad and keyboard have remained relatively unchanged since they first appeared in tandem, but we are due for a massive shift. My best guess is that we will look back on the iPhone as a precursor to a new way of entering and rearranging data in our typical user interface.

(All the new specs are well-outlined here at MacWorld’s site)

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