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iPhone 3G FAQ

There is an excellent FAQ about the iPhone G3 launch at CNET’s One More Thing blog.  Check it out at CNET.


Is there going to be a long line like last year?

Probably. The lines might not stretch as long as they did last year, but lines for Apple products and shows aren’t so much about the products or events themselves; many times, people view the line-waiting experience as a community gathering of like-minded souls who want to be a part of something Apple-related.

I’m sure that there are people who will want to be able to say they were first to buy both the original iPhone and the second-generation model, just as there are people ruing the fact that they missed out on all the fun of the original “iPhone Day.”

At least a few people will camp out for the chance to buy the iPhone 3G on day one.
(Credit: Caroline McCarthy/CNET News.com)
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