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Will More Multi-Touch Gestures Catch On?

Detachable Bluetooth keyboard, perhaps?

Speculation abounds

Boy Genius has posted comments from a source close to Apple saying that “the tablet’s multi-touch gestures are ‘out of control,'” which I’m taking as a compliment. Now that the Apple tablet seems inevitable, there is a lot of speculation about input methods.

Will Steve Jobs give in and allow real live buttons for a keyboard? (When icicles form in hell)
Will the keyboard be an onscreen feature, similar to the iPhone, but bigger?  (Better learn some typing finesse)
Will it have a stylus? (Call it the PalmSlate 2000)

One of the big questions is with regard to multi-touch gestures.  These gestures are a great addition to the newest line of MacBooks and MacBook Pros, but a CrunchGear article and video describes many new gestures that might be a part of the new Apple tablet.

Will multi-touch gestures catch on?  I’m enjoying the use of some of the gestures on my MB Pro, but when looking over the CrunchGear article, I realized that there are a few that I haven’t taken advantage of, simply because old habits die hard.

If Apple does incorporate a lot of new gestures into the input method for a new tablet, hopefully it will be intuitive enough to seem like the natural thing to do, even after a short learning curve period.

Apple creating an intuitive product?  I suppose that wouldn’t surprise any of us.

  1. January 13, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    I think multi-touch gestures is cool!

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