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Steve Jobs Knew

As the hype surrounding the iPhone 4 antenna issue grew to outside the Apple campus, I’m guessing that Steve Jobs only had to think for about 12 seconds on how to turn this into a marketing opportunity.  Sure, they waited a while to execute, but this was not going to end with a recall. Ever.

Think about it: now, instead of just getting an iPhone 4, you also get a free case… IF you order before September 30th.  If 80% of iPhone users are going to get a case, this is saving them anywhere from 20-30 dollars!

Steve Jobs knew…

…the number of complaints about the phone were relatively small (only .55% of users have called Apple about reception issues).

…the iPhone 3Gs has the same issue, as does a few devices by other manufacturers on the market  (This excellent review of the iPhone 4 at TechCrunch compares the signal loss in both devices).

…a free case with a date limitation will probably increase sales during that period.

…most people just want the damn phone, and don’t really care much about the issue because they’ve asked their friends who already have one, and they all say it isn’t much of a problem.

Steve Jobs knew that this was mostly a result of media hype, and that he was going to have the last word.

He was right on all counts.

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