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Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft with a Practical Joke?

June 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Bill Gates was understandably upset today as he handed over the keys to the Microsoft kingdom to Steve “Monkey Boy” Ballmer.  I would have cried, too.  This will only accelerate Microsoft’s downward slide.

I guess the question at this point becomes, “Which will be more embarrassing for Microsoft:  Steve Ballmer or Vista?”

Just in case you haven’t seen it, here is one of Ballmers defining moments at a developers conference a couple of years ago (I have never watched the whole thing… it’s too painful).


Well, best of luck to Bill and his foundation, regardless.



iPhone Killer Coming

August 26, 2007 1 comment

Watch out, Apple!

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is Delayed – Ho Hum

August 6, 2007 Leave a comment

Office 2008

Normally I am excited about software updates, especially when it’s a jump to the next version. But when I saw that Office 2008 for the Mac will be delayed until January, I barely flinched for two reasons:

1. The previous version of Office which I’m using now is fine for my needs.

2. I’m slowly migrating to using Pages. In fact, most of the time for offline writing I am using Bean, a great little freeware text editor.

I could get a little excited if I was in an office using it, but for my needs she just doesn’t thrill me like she used to.

MS Office Alternative Getting Closer!

May 7, 2007 1 comment

Open Office

Many Mac users don’t realize that there is a free Office alternative that has been in development for at least five years. It’s called OpenOffice, and it will now pick up some major speed in its development progress. Philipp Lohmann, a developer at Sun Microsystems, posted an announcement on his blog last week that Sun is going to add some development muscle to the project.

The translation of all this is that we are much closer to having an alternative to Microsoft Office that is equal in functionality.  The current version of OpenOffice for Windows has the following nifty icons representing its dope skills:

Open Office Components

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