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Apple Handles MobileMe Mess Up With Class

July 19, 2008 Leave a comment


When Apple launched MobileMe last Friday, most of the focus was on the activation problems everyone was having with their new or newly updated iPhones.  However, the iPhone problems weren’t the only thorn in Apple’s side that day.  Many MobileMe subscribers were not able to login at all on Friday.  Others were couldn’t sync or found out that the “push” service, which was promised to push updated info on your calendar to all your devices instantly, was seeing a 15 minute delay on all your devices except the iPhone.

Fortunately, Apple made an announcement on Wednesday that acknowledged the problems.  With their apology they are “giving all current subscribers an automatic 30-day extension to their MobileMe subscription free of charge.”

This move is more evidence that Apple is still taking the right steps when it comes to taking care of their customers.  Anyone can search for and find horror stories on the Internet that are the exception, but the MobileMe situation makes it clear that they want to keep the masses happy, even after closing the sale.

Click to see the text from the email that MobileMe subscribers received…


iPhone’s Remote Control App

July 17, 2008 Leave a comment

If you have an iPhone and haven’t downloaded Remote, stop what you are in the middle of and do it now.

When I first read of the iPhone as a remote, I imagined a limited but functional remote control which would allow stopping/playing and skipping to previous or next song.

Remote goes a few steps further by allowing you to view playlists and control the volume. When a song is playing, it shows you the album art and the controls you need to go to any point in the song.

The only setup required involves having iTunes open and giving you a special code that you will need to type into iTunes to make the link to the iPhone. After that, you are ready to remotely control iTunes with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The app requires Wi-Fi, and can control any iTunes-loaded computer on the network. It works great with a Mac, and I just confirmed that it also works on a Windows PC.  It’s available for free in the App Store.

iPhone 3G: First Impressions

July 12, 2008 1 comment

Without diving into the frustrations surrounding the activation problems that 99.9% of new iPhone owners experienced, I am glad to report that I now own a 16GB black iPhone 3G. Overall I am thrilled with it and don’t regret joining the line in Nashville at 5:45 a.m. yesterday morning. It was actually fun, thanks to my wife who came along and some terrific people next to me in line.

The iPhone 3G feels great in your hand, it’s size being a good balance between providing enough screen real estate and not being too large to carry around. The new iPhone design is not much different from the first version, but this one has even more of that intangible Zen-like quality to it.

The screen has the capability to be very bright. I’ve kept it at about 70% indoors, which is plenty of brightness for viewing photos, movies or the internet. When going outside, the auto-brightness feature cranks up the meter, and I was able to see my contact list without a problem.

The GPS is amazing. I tracked myself on the way home from work and it followed me perfectly. This feature alone is worth the upgrade!

3G is obviously much faster than the EDGE network, so the speed increase was clear. Safari loaded pages at a much more tolerable rate and Mail pulled in about 70 messages from my various accounts in a very short time. Surfing the internet on the 3G network will be a completely different experience for you if you currently have the original iPhone.

I’ve surfed enough of the App Store to realize that it will be a great addition to the iPhone experience. There are plenty of useful, free apps available to get you started along with others which can be had for a small charge (usually around the $3-$10 mark, though I’ve seen a one as high as $79.99).

The only negative was a problem I had with Wi-Fi which required a complete system restore. For some reason, the iPhone would not switch to a Wi-Fi network that I was clearly connected to already. Once I restored the original system and wiped it, Wi-Fi worked as advertised.

Now that the activation problems are over, get your hands on the new iPhone if at all possible. It’s some of Apple’s best work.

iPhone 3G Liftoff!

July 11, 2008 Leave a comment

It’s 7:30 a.m. CDT and I’m in line for the iPhone 3G at my local AT&T store.  I will be posting a first impressions review later today.

The frenzied hype will peak in T-Minus 30 minutes.

iPhone 3G Exchange Support

July 10, 2008 17 comments

I cannot find any definite word on AT&T’s web site on whether or not a person will need the AT&T business data plan ($45) to sync with an Exchange server and Outlook at work

According to CNET, “a business data plan is required when using iPhone to access corporate e-mail, company intranet sites, and/or other business solutions/applications.”  But the link they reference doesn’t mention it as a requirement, though it is implied.

The most confusing part is that original iPhones will get Exchange server support with the 2.0 software update, and AT&T hasn’t said that these original iPhone users will need to change their data plan to use the Exchange feature.

I’m betting that my personal data plan will allow me to access my Exchange Server at work without a problem.  We’ll see about that tomorrow!

Early iPhone G3 Review: “Worth the Wait”

July 9, 2008 2 comments

There have probably been a couple of other early reviews of the iPhone G3, but the most extensive one I’ve seen so far was posted last night at USA TODAY’s web site.  Edward Baig covers all of the big features and many of the lesser ones.  There is also a link to a video review.

UPDATE (3:10 p.m.)David Pogue and Walt Mossberg have also chimed in with some excellent reviews.

If you don’t want to go and read the entire article, here is a summary of Baig’s review at USA TODAY…

– “iPhone 3G: The Sequel, is worth the wait…  I reach that verdict after having tested the new iPhone for more than two weeks.”

– “But not all of iPhone’s early drawbacks have disappeared. You still cannot shoot video, take advantage of Bluetooth stereo or dial with a voice command. Such features are common on rival devices. (I’m hoping some shortcomings will be addressed by third-party developers.)”

– “Apple has improved overall audio quality of the device. The speaker phone sounded better, as did music played directly through the phone’s speaker.”

– “Though I wasn’t able to go through the process of downloading third-party applications through the new Apps store, it might turn out to be the most appealing new iPhone feature.”

– “While not everything on my wish list made it onto the new device, Apple has raised the bar with iPhone 3G. To which I offer an enthusiastic thumbs up.”

Will AT&T Screw Up the iPhone 3G Launch?

July 8, 2008 Leave a comment
iPhone Line
(Photo Credit:FiddybobiddyFiddy/Flickr)

The first iPhone launch was almost too easy.  Create the best handheld combo-technology device ever made and then sell, sell, sell.  Correction:  create lots of hype before launch day, and sell, sell, sell after watching a line form at most stores.

The iPhone 3G launch may not be as easy.  The problem comes down to three words:  “in store activation.” It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to almost an hour to setup an account and activate a phone at an AT&T store and this year no one will own an iPhone 3G without a contract through AT&T.

The math is a little scary.  Let’s say that a store has 40 people in line when the doors open on Friday at 8:00 a.m. and it takes an average of 20 minutes at a time to get someone through the purchasing/activation process.  The AT&T store I was in today had 6 employees working the desks, so with that kind of staffing, they’ll get through that 40-person line in a couple of hours.

However, we haven’t considered the unknown factors, like the network going down under an unusually heavy load.  So the line keeps growing while they get their systems back online.

Compare this to last year, when the buyer walked into the store, grabbed an iPhone and an accessory, and then swiped his credit/debit card.  If they took their time it was a five minute transaction.

Apple and AT&T are hoping at avoid a lot of potential bad press by having a smooth launch day.  However, for those going in early to wait in line, I highly recommend taking along a few extra doses of patience… just in case.

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