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iPhone as an iTunes Remote Control

June 29, 2008 Leave a comment reports that Apple has plans for a free add-on for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will allow users to control their iTunes application through Wi-Fi on any Mac or PC on a home network.

A Read Me file in the iPhone software developers’ package says, “use the new Remote application for iPhone or iPod touch to control iTunes playback from anywhere in your home” and mentions that it will be a free download from the App Store.

Not that I needed another reason to get an iPhone 3G next Friday, but I’ll take it.


iPhone and iPod Touch Capacity Doubles

February 5, 2008 Leave a comment

Apple has granted my wishes and doubled the iPhone’s capacity to 16GB.  They’ve also made available a 32 GB iPod Touch.   Both are available for $499.   I guess they figure that if people are willing to spend $399 that they would easily drop another $100 for double the space.   Press release with all the details here.

So once again, those who are waiting have to ask, “How long can I wait for the next generation?”

If more capacity is what you wanted, then you might as well jump on it now (that would be me).  But if you are holding out for the 3G network and GPS capabilities, then you may be texting on your Nokia 9210 until August or later.

“I’ll take one iPhone, please.  Hold the 3G and the GPS.  Add extra drive space though.  Thanks!”

iPod Touch: a Short Review

September 26, 2007 3 comments

iPod TouchI played around with an iPod Touch this past weekend, and I was impressed overall, but have some observations that took it out of the running for me as a purchase option.

First of all, this iPod is THIN, which is great. It’s about a third of an inch in depth, and that makes it feel very light and comfortable in your hand. The “multi-touch” interface, also a part of the iPhone, is quite nice. I found it to be easy to adjust to the typing. It wouldn’t take long to become quick.

A missing piece that I didn’t notice while I had it in hand was that you cannot make entries in the Calendar application. I am baffled by this since it has the onscreen keyboard available for other purposes. There is also no way to enter or view notes. It would be great to at least match the Classic iPod’s capability to upload notes from my Mac, but that’s not possible at this point. I had thoughts of using this as an iPod/quasi-PDA, but if I can’t enter short notes or a quick calendar entry then it can’t serve that purpose.

I was glad to be able to surf the internet in Safari, using a WiFi connection, though there is no Mail application. YouTube videos are also available through the included YouTube app, but this didn’t change the fact that the lack of a Mail app leaves it feeling a bit incomplete.

At this point I am calling the iPod Touch an iPhone “teaser,” designed to cause us to crave the full capabilities that are a part of the iPhone.

My 2G iPod just died so instead of the Touch, I’ve decided to go with the 80 GB Classic (though i must confess that I have had lustful thoughts toward the Nano, just because it is cute… forgive me father, for i have sinned).

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