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Thinking of Switching from Windows to Mac?

July 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Two terrific articles for those of you considering a move from a Windows PC to a Mac.

First, Walt Mossberg posted a helpful article with some basic tips to help a new Mac user who has been accustomed to the Windows way of doing things.  It’s at All Things Digital.

Second, if you want a more complete article about making the switch, Peter Bright is in the middle of a multi-part series at Ars Technica about his “conversion” from Windows to Mac.  If you want the behind-the-scenes story, including some Apple and Microsoft history, check it out.  It is lengthy, but so far it has been worth the read.


Apple Offering Five Versions of OS X

June 13, 2007 Leave a comment

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs revealed more detail about Apple’s upcoming OS X 10.5 this week at the Worldwide Developers Conference. You have to enjoy his poke at Microsoft’s overly-complicated Vista offerings…

“We’ve got a basic version, which is going to cost $129. We’ve got a Premium version, which is gonna cost $129. We’ve got a business version, $129. We’ve got an enterprise version, $129. And we’ve got the ultimate version, we’re throwing everything into it, it’s $129. We think most people will buy the ultimate version.”


Vista Causes DELL Customer Revolt

April 20, 2007 2 comments

Vista, the Ho Hum Version

This is hilarious. Apparently, DELL customers got tired of printers and other peripherals not working with Windows Vista on their shiny new DELL computers. They’ve demanded that DELL stop pre-loading Vista on new PCs, and instead they want them to put the most functional version of Windows XP they can find! Who would have thought we would see customers asking that the latest version of an operating system NOT be included on a new computer!

Story here at the BBC:

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