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The Wii and My Ego

June 8, 2007 Leave a comment

mad mii

I’ve been playing video games since the Atari days of Night Driver and Pong. For the most part, I have been dominant over the female human species. I scoffed at any attempt by a girl to dethrone me from my exalted place of virtual gaming greatness. Even if an occasional loss occurred, I never failed to recover with a “best of three” offer.

Until now.

My wife, Krista, has repeatedly put a class-A whoppin’ on me with our new Nintendo Wii. For my birthday this year, I was able to convince her to slim down some of our budget categories in order to buy a Wii. My reasoning was flawless: It’s cheaper than an Xbox or a PS3, it’s great to play with guests (nevermind that we don’t do much entertaining), and the homerun ball was this: It’s a marriage builder! I convinced her that she would have tons of fun playing it with me! It only took playing the Wii one time at a friend’s house to see that I was right. She had a blast and Mission Wii was accomplished.

I’ve got to say that I may have hesitated to push for this birthday present if I would have known that she was going to kick my tail up and down the virtual bowling alley. The Wii comes with a collection of 5 sports games, including Bowling. The woman is almost bored with strikes! And all I’ve got to show for it is a sore arm, terrible win-loss record, and a badly bruised ego.

With that said, I can highly recommend the Wii for any home, as long as you are ready for the gender scales to be balanced. And if you aren’t married, don’t hesitate… buy one as soon as you have the cash (a Wii, not a spouse)!

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